Family visiting a Dentist

You’ve Found Your Family Dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA

Did you know that choosing the same dentist to care for the whole family’s teeth improves everyone’s smile health? It’s true. Visiting different dental practices for a range of dental needs often leaves parents forgetting about their own smiles — and children may have difficulty warming up to a brand new dentist. Did you know that Mod Squad Dental provides care for the whole family? Dr. Greg Friedman is the family dentist Scripps Ranch, CA trusts with its smiles.

Smile! Mod Squad Dental Has You Covered

Our patients have plenty of reasons to smile. Mod Squad Dental offers comprehensive services right here in our office, which we have outfitted with the latest technology to offer you the ultimate in care. What’s our goal? To make every smile as dazzling as it is healthy. That’s why Dr. Friedman builds beauty into every treatment plan. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a separate offering here at Mod Squad Dental — it’s integrated right in with your regular care.

From First Checkups to Tooth Replacement

We meet the range of dental needs, from your little one’s very first checkup to tooth replacement with sturdy dental implants. And we do so providing the utmost comfort — from Bose noise cancelling headphones to massage chairs and even freshly baked bread every day, you may even forget you’re in the dental chair. We wouldn’t blame you if you did.

Children’s teeth require extra attention, as they are most vulnerable to cavities between the ages of six and 14. Your children’s dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA is armed with two protective treatments to help: dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are thin plastic shields painted onto the surface of teeth, and fluoride strengthens enamel against the acids and bacteria that cause decay. Dr. Friedman will also monitor your child’s dental development and make recommendations for orthodontics as needed.

Your own teeth have different needs. The risk for gum disease, for example, greatly increases past the age of 35. We provide periodontal therapy and also use the Chao Pinhole technique for correcting associated gum recession. When tooth loss is the issue, Dr. Friedman provides replacement with dental implants.

Your First Visit to Mod Squad Dental

When you visit Mod Squad Dental for the first time, we know you’ll notice the difference as soon as you step into our warm, inviting office. Jessica will greet you and give you a tour of the office. You’ll bring in the paperwork you’ve completed beforehand, which will make registration a breeze. After we’ve got you all checked in, you’ll be relaxing into the dental chair in no time. Choose from our list of amenities, like warm blankets, massage cushions, our your favorite television show.

Soon, Dr. Friedman will be in to see you. You’ll discuss your smile goals, and he’ll take a thorough look at your teeth and gums. After you’ve received a cleaning from one of our expert hygienists, Jessica will put together a treatment plan based on what you and Dr. Friedman discussed and whether or not any decay or infection was located during the exam. And, as you’ll soon find is the norm at Mod Squad Dental, we’ll send you on your way smiling!

Are you looking for a new partner in your family’s dental health care? If so, Dr. Friedman and the team at Mod Squad Dental are it. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

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