We take great pride in always providing state-of-the-art technology at MOD Squad Dental, which allows for comfortable, pain-free dentistry. Computerized controlled anesthetic, Zoom!™ Laser Teeth Whitening, low-radiation digital X-rays, complimentary digital imaging, and laser dentistry utilizing two different types of dental lasers are just some of the ways Dr. Friedman is changing patients’ perceptions of dentistry.  Our technology saves you time and can prevent anxiety while allowing us to give you healthy teeth and gums, as well as the smile of your dreams. Below, you will find detailed videos outlining each procedure for your benefit.

Dr. Friedman will always be abreast of the latest in dental equipment and comfort in dentistry.  The Biolase Waterlase Laser is used to perform a wide range of dental procedures on teeth, gums, and bone more comfortably.  Typically, our Waterlase laser allows us to use fewer shots and less anesthesia or, in most cases, no shots. With laser dentistry, we can recontour gum tissue, prepare teeth for fillings, treat gum disease, and much more! 

Many of our patients wonder how they would look with after a smile make-over, teeth whitening procedure, or orthodontic treatment. At MOD Squad Dental, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Dr. Friedman offers complimentary digital imaging.  A couple digital photos are taken here in our photo studio, and with the help of our digital imaging software, patients are able to see themselves with a new smile within minutes. They even have the ability to email them to family and friends. 

This is an example of our team using the latest in smile imaging software.  This patient visited our dental home wanting to improve her smile.  Within minutes, she was able to view and walk out with this photo to share with family and friends.

All radiographs (X-rays) are of digital quality. This form of X-ray allows Dr. Friedman and the patient to view the results within seconds of taking the image.  Because the digital X-ray exposure is shorter than conventional X-rays, the amount of radiation is reduced by up to 90%.  Digital radiography is an advanced technology that speeds up treatment and helps us make the most accurate and efficient diagnosis of your dental condition.

As seen on the medical television program, Dr. Friedman & MOD Squad Dental incorporate iTero technology in their care.  Say goodbye to goop and gagging that comes with making cement impressions for mouth treatments – a new digital camera is replacing those messy trays!

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Your routine appointments aren’t just to check for cavities. In fact, your six-month checkup plays a crucial role in the early detection of non-dental issues as well, like oral cancer. With over 50,000 cases expected to be diagnosed this year alone, it’s more important than ever that Dr. Friedman has an opportunity to check for symptoms in the early stage

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Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) & its predecessor, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), are categorized as autologous blood concentrates, which are blood products made using the patient’s own blood. The physician draws a blood sample from the patient then concentrates it using a centrifuge machine to separate the different blood components into individual, concentrated layers that the physician can use during the extraction or implant placement process. 

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