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Cosmetic Dentistry

At MOD Squad Dental, we understand the direct connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy life. At the same time, we appreciate the proven link between a beautiful smile and higher self-esteem, income, and success. As a result, our cosmetic dentist in Scripps Ranch, Dr. Friedman, has dedicated himself to ensuring exceptional esthetics are built into each treatment plan. In fact, we do not view cosmetic dentistry as an elective procedure. We view it as the heart and soul of our practice and an important component of everything we do.

Beyond the health of your smile, Dr. Friedman wants you to have a look that you’ll enjoy sharing with family and friends. To this end, MOD Squad Dental offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn which service is right for you.

Professional Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

Even with a good oral care routine, sometimes small imperfections can find a way into your smile. However, if the idea of getting veneers is too much or teeth whitening doesn’t (or cannot) give you the results you’re looking for, dental bonding acts as a fantastic happy medium. Not only is treatment non-invasive, but the process is quick and painless. If you have small chips, cracks, stains, and even gaps in your smile, call MOD Squad Dental today to set up your next appointment!

Many times, we hear from new patients that when they left other dental offices, they had more questions than answers. As a valued patient, every question and concern you have is important and each will be answered to your satisfaction.

Partial crowns, often referred to as onlay’s, are a type of dental restoration or porcelain filling that covers one or more cusps of your tooth. Onlay’s are also made of porcelain by a lab and take two appointments to complete. An inlay is like a dental filling, but the restoration is made of porcelain by a lab and is placed within the cusps on a tooth’s chewing surface. These restorations are much more conservative than crowns and can be imperceptible from your natural tooth. However, the use of onlays and inlays are limited to very specific situations and are not as common as a dental crown.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes composite resin material to restore teeth that have become cosmetically damaged in some way. The material is incredibly strong, even if it isn’t quite as durable as your natural enamel. However, it can be very easily color-matched so that it effectively blends in with your existing teeth without anyone being the wiser.

Dental bonding is actually quite similar to tooth-colored fillings in that they use the same material. The difference is tooth-colored fillings are used to restore teeth damaged by cavities (and usually replace the need for metal-colored fillings). Dental bonding is purely a cosmetic treatment and can be used on healthy teeth that have experienced normal wear and tear or minor issues.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Who is a good candidate for bonding

Candidates for dental bonding should not have any existing dental problems that should be addressed first (i.e. tooth decay, gum disease). If your smile is healthy, then you are likely a candidate for dental bonding if you have cosmetic concerns you’d like to handle. We often recommend dental bonding for the following imperfections:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Tough stains
  • Small gaps
  • Very small or malformed teeth

During your appointment, we’ll discuss your smile goals with you one-on-one in order to help you determine the best treatment for your needs. This may include dental bonding, another service, or a combination of the two.

The Dental Bonding Process

The dental bonding process

While the length of your treatment will vary depending on how many teeth you need to address, it takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to treat a single tooth. We start by using a shade guide to select a composite resin material that matches your existing teeth as closely as possible. We’ll then etch a small area of your tooth so that a conditioning liquid can be applied. This makes the bonding material stick to the tooth more easily.

From there, the resin material is applied to your tooth, carefully molded, then smoothed to the desired shape. Once we’re finished shaping the resin, we can cure it using a special light that hardens within seconds. After making any final adjustments, we’ll polish the tooth so it shines just like your neighboring teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

The benefits of dental bonding

You may not realize how much of an impact smile imperfections can have on your confidence until you’ve developed them. If you find yourself hiding your smile out of concern that others around you will notice them, dental bonding can be quite beneficial to your confidence and self-esteem day-to-day. You just may be surprised by how you feel when you’re able to express yourself to the fullest, whether you’re with friends, family members, coworkers, or people you’re meeting for the very first time.

What is a Dental Inlay?

An inlay is a lab fabricated porcelain filling that fits into the grooves of a tooth and do not extend over the cusps of tooth. The patient is numbed using a local anesthetic and the dentist drills the tooth to remove and clean out the decay in the tooth. This is one of the restorative methods used to repair a tooth after it sustains harm from injury or decay that does not affect the cusps of the tooth. The dentist takes an impression and sends it to a laboratory where the inlay is made.

Inlays are manufactured from porcelain or composite resin material matching the color of the tooth and provide almost invisible dental restoration while repairing the chewing surface. Dental inlays are generally more durable than regular fillings made from composite or amalgam.

What is a Dental Onlay?

Onlays also fit inside the tooth but extend onto the chewing surface of a back tooth to replace one or more cusps. In the past, onlays were made only of gold, but like inlays, more and more patients request a tooth-colored onlay. Making the onlay of ceramic/porcelain allows the restoration to be bonded to the tooth.

This bonding process may actually improve the strength of the tooth and help seal the onlay to the tooth. Sometimes It is difficult to determine when inlays or onlays can be used instead of crowns or caps. But, you are in great hands at Juanita Family Dentistry as our dentists will review all your options with you to determine the best dental plan.

Full mouth reconstruction is one of the most effective and comprehensive ways to restore a person’s smile. When decay, cracks, chips, stains, and missing teeth make it hard to look in the mirror, a treatment plan that combines multiple restorative and cosmetic solutions can be used to repair and rebuild while also enhancing an individual’s personal appearance.

Giving Your Smile a Second Chance

It can be hard turning on the light and looking at your smile when you don’t like what you see. Years of damage and decay may cause you to remain tight-lipped when surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues. But the good news is that there is a solution for this problem – full mouth reconstruction in Scripps Ranch! Dr. Friedman and our team of experts are here to create a personalized treatment plan that combines both restorative and cosmetic treatments to create a new and improved, healthier, more beautiful smile. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for Me?

Full Mouth reconstruction before and after image

Once you sit down with your dentist in Scripps Ranch for a consultation, you will better understand if this process is right for you. A full mouth reconstruction is commonly designed for patients who have multiple problems with their teeth and gums. When oral functionality is a problem and aesthetics leave much to be desired, this unique option makes it possible for patients to receive a second chance at a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Dr. Friedman will evaluate your oral cavity and facial structure to determine the types of treatment that will be most beneficial to you. Whether it is one or multiple services, you can expect the damage and decay to no longer be an issue once completed.

But it is important to remember that if you want the results of your full mouth reconstruction to last, you must adhere to a rigorous oral hygiene routine and regular checkups and cleanings with our dental team.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

The dentist is explaining the full mouth reconstruction process

The process you can expect when preparing for full mouth reconstruction is different for everyone. No two patients have the same problems or treatment plan, so the timeline for receiving your newly enhanced smile will unlikely be the same as someone else.

Once you meet with Dr. Friedman to discuss your eligibility and personalized treatment plan, he will go over the expectations as well as provide a proposed timetable. He’ll also discuss the cost of this type of plan, so you do not have any financial surprises along the way.

You can expect us to take digital x-rays of your mouth to begin the process but once the treatment plan is created, any of the following services may be included:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Invisalign
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental crowns
  • Periodontal therapy

Understanding the Cost of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Understanding the cost of full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction does not have a set price point. The reason is because of its customization and uniqueness toward each patient. Dr. Friedman will explain how much each service will cost, so you can plan for the financial side of your new smile. While most cosmetic services are not covered by dental insurance, many restorative treatments are (i.e., dental crowns, dental bridges, periodontal therapy, etc.). Of course, if you need assistance maximizing your benefits or identifying alternative ways to pay, our team is here to help. We also offer access to:

  • Smile Savings Club: For one annual fee, you can receive 15% off all dental treatments as well as basic dental care.
  • Flexible Financing: Through CareCredit, you can apply for a low or zero interest payment plan to help minimize your monthly cost.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

Full Mouth reconstruction FAQs

Our team is eager to help you experience the benefits of full mouth reconstruction in Scripps Ranch. Before you schedule your consultation with us, however, you may want to know more about the road ahead. We understand that, which is why we have put together the following list of FAQs about this restorative process. If you do not see the information you were hoping for, give us a call. We look forward to personally assisting you!

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Take?

The timeline for full mouth reconstruction varies from case to case. During your consultation, your restorative and cosmetic dentist in Scripps Ranch will be able to give you a rough idea of how long it may take for you to achieve your final results.

Some procedures that are commonly part of full mouth reconstruction, such as dental bonding and fillings, take just one appointment. Others, however, take much longer. For example, start-to-finish dental implant treatment typically requires at least several months. Our team will do all we can to make your full mouth reconstruction as efficient as possible. We will even try to perform some treatments concurrently when circumstances allow.

How Long Will My Full Mouth Reconstruction Results Last?

How long your results last will depend on which specific procedures were part of your full mouth reconstruction, as well as on how you care for your teeth. Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime, while crowns and bridges may endure for well over 10 years. Fillings and bonding may last for around 5 years.

We will give you guidance to help your results stand the test of time. For example, we may encourage you to quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, protect your smile from physical trauma, and stick to a thorough daily oral hygiene routine.

Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Hurt?

During your dental procedures, you can expect to feel little to nothing. Our gentle touch, combined with local anesthesia and sedation, contributes to a high level of patient comfort. Once those things wear off, however, you can expect to experience a degree of soreness. You may also notice a bit of bleeding. We will give you post-op instructions to help you enjoy a smooth recovery period. For example, we may urge you to adjust your eating habits, take painkillers as needed, and get plenty of rest.

Can I Undergo Full Mouth Reconstruction if I Smoke?

Smoking can interfere with your oral health and shorten the lifespan of dental treatments. In fact, it is a significant risk factor for dental implant failure. You should certainly make every effort to kick the habit; your primary care practitioner may be the best person to help you do that. With that being said, however, it must be acknowledged that smoking is not an automatic contraindication for full mouth reconstruction. We consider many factors when determining whether a patient is a candidate for restorative procedures.

Woman with gummy smile

Are you embarrassed by your “gummy” smile? Do you think your teeth look “short” or “stubby?” If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that we can easily reconstruct your gum line by removing excess gum tissue. Using advanced techniques and technology, our MOD Squad Dental team will personalize your treatment to help expose more of your natural tooth structure and eliminate unnecessary gum tissue that increases your risk of periodontal disease. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll have results that will last a lifetime!


As seen on the medical television program, Dr. Friedman & MOD Squad Dental incorporate iTero technology in their care.  Say goodbye to goop and gagging that comes with making cement impressions for mouth treatments – a new digital camera is replacing those messy trays!

Conventional vs Digital Impressions


No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using an iTero scanner, your dentist can take a highly accurate digital impression. The new technology completely eliminates the tray and putty impressions, where the experience is comparable to stuffing a big wad of gum in your mouth. The old technique is incredibly unpleasant and frequently results in taking multiple rounds of impressions that can be rejected, broken, or misplaced. The iTero scanner ensures a more accurate impression from the start, resulting in improved treatment and a more comfortable patient experience. Digital impressions give you the ability to see your teeth instantly in 3D, improving communication during the consultation and treatment process.

How does it work?

The iTero scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once your dentist begins the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary.

Your mouth is scanned with a radiation-free laser and, in as little as two to three minutes, the laser renders a digitally perfect, 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Through digital software, you’ll then be able to follow the progress of the scans, including a 3D model of your teeth on our computer screen. The iTero scanner can be used for any restorative treatment including crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, bridges, and implants, as well as orthodontic treatments like Invisalign®.

Facial Aesthetics - MOD Squad

Fall in Love with Your Reflection

Do you cringe when you think about how time and environmental factors have affected your skin? You may have fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and other blemishes that rob your beautiful face of its aesthetic potential. Here at MOD Squad Dental, we want to help our patients love what they see in the mirror. That is why, in addition to cosmetic dental procedures, we also offer innovative treatments that can significantly enhance your facial aesthetics and give your confidence a big-time boost.

Most people in their 30s begin to lose volume in certain areas of the face, such as beneath the eyes and around the temples, which can lead to a sunken, sagging appearance.

Around this time, other signs of aging, such as fine lines, may also begin to appear. A PRF facial has the potential to address such issues. It may also be able to:

  •  Reduce signs of sun damage
  •  Shrink the appearance of large pores
  •  Even skin tone
  •  Diminish acne scars
  •  Tighten loose skin
  •  Plump the lips and provide natural collagen enhancement

That all may sound great, but you may still want to know what PRF is. The acronym stands for “platelet-rich fibrin.” It is a substance that’s made by placing your own blood in a special centrifuge, which separates the fibrin from the other parts of the blood. After the PRF is injected back into your body, it takes on a gel-like consistency and works under the surface of your skin to provide aesthetic enhancements.

Begin Your Journey to a New You

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help your skin look its best, contact us to schedule a consultation. First, we’ll ask you questions about what you want to accomplish and learn more about your medical history. Then, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of your treatment options, as well as the potential costs, so you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed.

We want you to be the most confident, most beautiful you possible! Why not get in touch so we can talk about turning back the clock and enhancing your facial aesthetics?

Smile Makeover clients

Rare is the person who manages to go through life without needing any restorative dentistry procedures. For that reason, Dr. Greg Friedman is skilled and experienced at numerous treatment options to help you maintain your smile with your natural teeth or, when necessary, with tooth replacements that look completely lifelike. The most commonly performed restorative treatment is a filling to repair a tooth with decay. Dr. Friedman uses tooth-colored composite resin materials for fillings, allowing your smile to remain white. For patients with missing teeth, we offer crown and bridgework, as well as dental implants. Dr. Friedman will evaluate your unique circumstances to determine which option is best for you. In the case of an infected tooth, Dr. Friedman will perform a painless root canal procedure to preserve the tooth and restore function.

Dr. Friedman and his staff at MOD Squad Dental would be happy to add you and your family to our growing list of patients. Call our office in nearby Scripps Ranch to schedule an appointment.

Achieve the Confident Smile You Deserve

Our greatest joy is seeing our smile makeover patients’ lives changed by something as basic as an improved appearance. Whether we realize it or not, our confidence in our smiles is directly related to the level of confidence we project to the world. Patients who came in our doors close-lipped have walked out after a smile makeover smiling and beaming all the way home. Visit our smile gallery to see examples of the transformations we’ve created for people just like you!

This patient has been coming to see Dr. Friedman for a long time. He was ready to make a change in his smile. After consulting with Dr. Friedman, they decided that placing eight porcelain veneers was ideal to enhance his smile. After two short visits, the results were amazing!

Do I Need A Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover on the go

If your attention turns to aesthetic imperfections when you look at your teeth in the mirror, you don’t need to be embarrassed by their flaws. Instead, you can invest in a beautiful smile with the help of your dentist, Dr. Friedman. The goal of a smile makeover is to enhance the look of your teeth and gum tissue using a customized treatment plan.

You might be a candidate for a smile makeover if you’d like to resolve a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Tooth decay
  • Alignment issues
  • Damaged teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Discoloration
  • Smaller than average teeth

What Dental Services Can Be Used in a Smile Makeover?

A patient who will undergo a smile makeover procedure

Dr. Friedman will perform a thorough examination to evaluate your cosmetic concerns and discuss your aesthetic goals to create a customized treatment plan. Depending on the results you’d like to achieve, Dr. Friedman may recommend one or more procedures, such as:

  • All-ceramic crowns: A tooth-colored cap is placed over the entire surface of a tooth to improve its health, function, and appearance.
  •  Fixed bridges: Replace 1 or more consecutive missing teeth in a row using a solution that looks natural.
  • Tooth-colored fillings: A metal-free and tooth-colored material is used to treat decay.
  •  Full/partial dentures: Replace several or all missing teeth using a convenient treatment.
  •  Teeth whitening: Turn back the clock and reveal a brighter smile with a professional whitening system.
  •  Porcelain veneers: Cover several flaws at once using a minimally invasive option.
  •  Invisalign: Straighten your teeth and correct bite issues with clear aligners.
  •  Cosmetic bonding: A tooth-colored material can fix minor cosmetic problems.

The Smile Makeover Process

Inside the dental procedure area

If you’re ready to invest in a radiant smile, your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Friedman. Besides a visual examination, he may also take images and impressions of your mouth. He will also learn more about your goals to create your individualized plan. Dr. Friedman will discuss your options to help you make the best decision for your smile. After completing your plan, you’ll have dazzling results that can last for many years with the right aftercare.

The Lasting Benefits of Smile Makeovers

The Lasting Benefits of Smile Makeovers

Believe it or not, there are several benefits you can accomplish by improving your smile, including:

  •  Higher self-esteem to feel confident when speaking, smiling, or taking pictures.
  •  Better first impression to nurture positive social and career prospects.
  • Youthful and professional look to promote your career.
  •  Better oral health to lessen your need for a costly treatment down the road.
  •  Improved oral functions to bite, chew, and speak without any discomfort.

Take your first step toward a stunning smile. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

Making your teeth white utilizing deep bleaching with KOR Whitening

If you thought porcelain veneers were your only options for tetracycline stained teeth….YOU’RE IN LUCK!!

The Deep Bleaching KöR Whitening system is the most effective way to add “Wow!” to your appearance! Nothing whitens as beautifully; it’s sure to exceed your expectations.

Common questions about KöR Whitening are below…

Q: Why does KöR Whitening work so well?

A: The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from its whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules.

Q: How long does KöR Whitening last?

A: Unlike other whitening methods, with easy periodic home maintenance, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system is entirely permanent.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Whitening products have been clinically studied and safely used on millions of patients without harm to teeth or gums. Whitening is considered entirely safe.

Q: Is there pain or discomfort with the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system?

A: Many have experienced pain during teeth whitening. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. After several years of research, development and clinical testing, the inventor of the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system introduced a whitening gel that, in most cases, produces low to no sensitivity. As a result, most patients have no discomfort from whitening when using this technique. Testing has shown that patients who do feel some sensitivity using the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system typically feel no more than 10% of the sensitivity they’d feel from other whitening gels.

If you or someone you know is interested in KöR Teeth Whitening, phone today for your complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate.

Additional Teeth Whitening FAQs

Teeth Whitening Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about what the process of getting professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist will be like? Instead of wasting money on store-bought kits that might damage your oral tissues, get the tried and true treatment that you can count on! Below, we’ve answered some common questions we receive from patients about teeth whitening treatment for your convenience.

How can you maintain your teeth whitening results?

After investing in your newly whitened smile, it makes sense that you would want to maintain the results for as long as possible. Here are some pointers and tips to help:

  •  Avoid stain-causing foods and drinks like red wine, tomato-based sauces, and coffee.
  •  Keep up with your dental hygiene routine.
  •  Visit our office every six months for a checkup and cleaning.
  •  Brush with whitening toothpaste occasionally to help keep teeth bright.
  •  Visit us for a touch-up when your results begin to fade.

If you need any additional tips or maintenance after your treatment, feel free to contact our office!

Can I whiten my teeth if I have a dental crown or bridge?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatment can’t brighten restorations because they’re made from non-porous materials such as ceramic and porcelain. Because enamel is porous, our whitening ingredients can deeply penetrate the teeth to break apart stubborn stains. So, as your enamel whitens, your restorations will stay the same color. That’s why we don’t recommend teeth whitening to patients with crowns, bridges, or fillings in visible areas of the mouth.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of teeth whitening?

Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t cover teeth whitening because it’s considered a cosmetic treatment. This means that it’s not essential in maintaining your oral health or protecting your teeth. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our additional financing option through CareCredit, you can always contact our office.

Laser Whitening with Zoom!

Your smile represents you. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you meet someone new. A whiter more vibrant smile can help you feel confident and attractive. Natural aging can darken your teeth, while consumption of certain beverages, foods, and smoking will increase the staining.

ZOOM!® professional teeth whitening can reverse years of aging in less than one hour.

Nothing whitens teeth faster or better than ZOOM!®.

Bright white teeth make you look younger and feel more confident and our Zoom! teeth whitening procedure gets you there in just 45 minutes. Make an appointment at our convenient Scripps Ranch dental office and in less than an hour, you’ll look and feel like a new person. No more cigarette or coffee stains, no more dark teeth, just a fresh, bright smile. Join the hundreds of patients whom we’ve helped give a professional and personal boost with our Zoom laser tooth whitening. You’ll be so glad you did!

  •  Fast (the whitening procedure takes only 45 minute treatment)
  •  Long lasting (laser tooth whitening has less fade back)
  •  Low sensitivity (minimal exposure)
  •  Effective results (your teeth will whiten an average of eight shades)
  •  Safe (laser whitening is proven safe when performed by Dr. Friedman, DMD)

ZOOM! Professional teeth whitening can reverse years of aging in less than one hour. Nothing whitens teeth faster or better than ZOOM! Our procedures also include porcelain veneers for patients who need just a little extra for that perfect smile.

Dr. Greg Friedman & MOD Squad Dental-Creating Second Chances for a First Impression!

Visit our Scripps Ranch dental office today for your consultation or new-patient exam with Dr. Friedman. Our office offers state-of-the-art general and cosmetic dentistry in a fun and professional atmosphere. Conveniently located in Scripps Ranch, we serve residents of San Diego, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and surrounding areas.

Get a Brilliantly White Smile in Two Visits!

Is your smile filled with imperfections that no amount of cleaning seems to remove? Are your teeth significantly discolored, chipped, cracked or look less appealing than you would like? Some cosmetic treatments can do the trick, but there are few treatments as comprehensive as porcelain veneers from Dr. Friedman. During your consultation, they’ll make sure to meet all your needs and get your smile looking the way you’ve always dreamed. Contact us today to get started!

What are Porcelain Veneers?


Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin sheaths of dental ceramic that are designed to sit on the surface of teeth. Since veneers are placed for cosmetic purposes, they are only placed over the visible portions of teeth. Each veneer is custom-made to fit over your teeth exactly and blend in with the rest of your smile. This way, we can avoid the risk of creating “chiclet teeth,” a phenomenon that was common among veneers of the past.

Different Types of Porcelain Veneers

Most dental practices only offer one type of veneer, but we offer two types depending on your needs. During your consultation, our dentists will walk you through the differences in more detail. However, it’s worth exploring the notable differences prior so you can be better prepared.

Traditional Porcelain Veneers

These are the most common types of veneers and require removal of tooth enamel in order to place. While the amount removed is very limited, it’s still more than likely going to be necessary. Make sure that you’re okay with permanent removal of part of your enamel before placing.

Minimal-Prep Veneers

One of the most notable benefits of minimal-prep veneers is that more often than not, they require no removal of enamel to place. If you don’t have much enamel to spare or you have issues with sensitivity, this may prove to be a more viable cosmetic option.

What is the Procedure Like?

Porcelain Veneers

After completing your examination, the dentist will numb the area around the teeth you’d like to have covered, then begin buffing down the enamel so that the veneers will sit flush. If you chose minimal-prep veneers, then we may skip this step. After preparation, we’ll take an impression of your smile and send that mold to a dental lab for fabrication. During the two-week period it takes to create them, you’ll wear temporary veneers to help you get used to your new smile. Once created, you’ll come back to the office to have your permanent veneers placed.

What are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

The benefits of Veneers

There are many benefits to consider when choosing porcelain veneers as your cosmetic treatment. For one, veneers are highly capable of covering multiple imperfections with just one treatment. These include:

  •  Permanent discoloration
  •  Chips and cracks
  •  Small gaps
  •  Minorly misaligned teeth

Furthermore, veneers are naturally stain-resistant. This is in large contrast to natural teeth which usually have many microscopic scratches and crevices, making them highly susceptible to stains.

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Veneers are a great way to achieve that beautiful smile makeover you’ve been hoping for. However, they aren’t necessarily the best option for every patient. To determine whether or not veneers in San Diego are the ideal cosmetic solution for you, you need to understand the cost. By choosing a skilled dentist and investing in high-quality veneers, you can achieve a smile that’s perfect for the big screen. However, they aren’t your only option. Read on so you can make an informed decision about the future of your smile.

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

If you’re interested in completely revamping your smile, look no further than porcelain veneers. No other cosmetic treatment is quite as comprehensive as this one. However, they are considered a permanent treatment, since some enamel must be removed. For this reason, you should be absolutely sure that you want veneers before getting them. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about veneers and answered them for your benefit. That way you can be as informed as possible before undergoing treatment. If you have a question about veneers that you don’t see on this page, just contact us and ask!

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Veneers have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, but they can remain a part of your smile for up to 20 years if you take proper care of them. Doing so involves:

  •  Brushing your teeth twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and flossing at least once a day
  •  Wearing a custom nightguard while you sleep to prevent damage from unconscious grinding
  •  Wearing a mouthguard during physical activity such as contact sports to prevent injuring your veneers
  •  Visiting us for a checkup every six months so we can examine your veneers for signs that they need to be replaced

Does It Hurt to Get Porcelain Veneers?

If you opt for veneers that require your teeth to be prepped by removing enamel, you might be worried that the procedure will hurt. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Before prepping your teeth, we’ll make sure your affected teeth are nice and numb with plenty of local anesthetic. This way you won’t feel a thing during your procedure!

Moreover, we offer sedation dentistry for patients who tend to get nervous at the idea of getting dental work done. At your consultation, simply ask about sedation, and we can determine whether you’re a good candidate for it.

Are Porcelain Veneers Reversible?

Porcelain veneers are generally considered an irreversible treatment. Why is that? Because some enamel needs to be removed to ensure the veneers sit flush against the line of your smile. Once enamel has been removed, it cannot grow back, so those teeth will always require veneers or crowns in the future. For no-prep veneers, where no enamel is removed, the treatment is not considered permanent.

Am I a Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Whether you want to brighten up a couple discolored teeth or completely transform your smile, veneers can drastically improve your teeth’s appearance. If you want to correct any of the following cosmetic issues, veneers may be right for you:

  •  Cracked or chipped teeth
  •  Misshapen or worn-down teeth
  •  Discolored or stained teeth
  •  Minor gaps between teeth
  •  Slightly crooked teeth

For more serious misaligned teeth, we might recommend traditional orthodontic treatment like Invisalign clear braces. We also suggest that before we place veneers, your teeth and gums are free from infection. That means if you have cavities or gum disease, we must address those concerns prior to placing veneers.