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Your Dentist Is Open, But Is It Safe to Go?

In March, the world as we knew it forever changed in response to COVID-19. Almost overnight, stay-at-home orders were in place and businesses were shut down to limit the transmission of this potentially fatal virus. Fortunately, months of face masks, social distancing guidelines, and extensive hand hygiene have made the transition into the “new normal” possible. However, many patients wonder if attending their routine dental appointment is safe amid a worldwide pandemic. Therefore, a dentist in Scripps Ranch is sharing four reasons to keep your bi-yearly visit.

#1. Your Dentist Is an Expert in Infection Control

Long before COVID-19, your dentist dedicated their time, skills, and resources to following significant sanitation measures put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. In fact, a large portion of their education and training is centered around practicing proper infection control and preventing cross-contamination. Therefore, your dental team has a distinct advantage when it comes to creating a safe, sterile environment!

#2. Additional Safety Measures Are in Place

At your last appointment, your dentist would wash their hands, apply a fresh set of gloves, put on a face mask, and begin your appointment. While each of these practices will continue at your visit during COVID-19, dental teams across the U.S. are implementing additional safety measures as well. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see virtual waiting rooms, more personal protective equipment, extra sanitation practices, and contactless greetings at your dental checkup.

#3. The ADA Says It Is Safe to Go

For decades, the American Dental Association has been the reputable, go-to source for all things dentistry. From manual toothbrushes and trendy flossers to new cosmetic procedures and dental restorations, the ADA conducts extensive research on each product for the public and professionals alike. According to a statement they published in August of 2020, their organization strongly recommends visiting your dentist for bi-yearly visits since oral health directly impacts your overall health.

#4. There Have Been No Confirmed Cases from Dentistry

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 stemming from a dental appointment. This finding is expected to continue throughout the pandemic since dentists are implementing extensive measures to reinforce that their patients’ safety is their top priority!

If the current pandemic has you considering postponing your routine visit, then it is important to remember the above. Since your oral health directly impacts your overall health, talk to your dentist today about scheduling your safe, necessary bi-yearly appointment!

About the Author

After completing his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University, Dr. Greg Friedman earned his doctorate at Washington University’s School of Dental Medicine. Today, he is participating in the accreditation program with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, is involved with the American Academy of Functional Orthodontists, and provides world-class care to his patients in San Diego. If you are overdue for your bi-yearly appointment, visit his website or give him a call at 858-682-2394.

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