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Your Cosmetic Dentist Helps You Create the Perfect Smile in 2018

Did you know that the average child smiles 400 times a day? That is 10 times more than happy adults, who smile an average of only 40 to 50 times each day. Adults who aren’t so happy might only smile 20 times a day. Where do you fall on that spectrum? If you don’t smile as often as you would like to, is it because you’re embarrassed by the way your teeth look? Well, we encourage you to make 2018 the year you finally get the smile you’ve always wanted! Your cosmetic dentist in San Diego will be happy to help you reach your goals.

Whitening Treatments for a Glorious Grin

Teeth naturally become stained over time thanks to things like coffee, wine, and berries. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with a yellow smile. Zoom! whitening is a professional treatment that can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in less than an hour. It is also safe, and the results can last for years if you take care to maintain them.

But what if your teeth haven’t been stained by everyday life? If the cause of your unsightly chompers is tetracycline, an antibiotic that is notorious for creating darker smiles, your dentist in San Diego can help with that as well. A KÖR bleaching treatment might be just want you need to regain your confidence and obtain a set of teeth that is as beautiful as your winning personality.

Veneers and Bonding to Disguise All Your Teeth’s Flaws

What if your teeth aren’t just yellow but have other cosmetic issues as well, such as chips, cracks, or gaps? Cosmetic tooth bonding is a process wherein your dentist molds a tooth-colored resin over your teeth; it hardens and serves as a disguise that can reshape your chompers and hide discoloration.

However, many people prefer veneers over bonding. These thin pieces of porcelain that your dentist attaches to your teeth also cover everything you don’t like about the way your smile looks, but they’re superior because they’re less vulnerable to staining and they last longer. In fact, they can last for a decade or longer if you care for them well, whereas bonding might only endure for three to 10 years.

Even Your Weak Teeth Can Look Good

Do you have silver fillings or metal crowns on some of your teeth? While these restorations work well for your oral health, they aren’t exactly attractive. Your dentist will be happy to discuss your options for saying farewell to those unsightly metal parts. You might be able to get beautiful tooth-colored fillings or a porcelain crown that will look just like a natural tooth.

May 2018 be your most smile-filled year yet! Decide how you want your teeth to look, and your cosmetic dentist in San Diego will do everything in their power to help you reach your goals.

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