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Your Children’s Dentist in Scripps Ranch Says Seize the Moment!

Time, oh precious time. How elusive you are. You are only here for a moment and then you’re gone forever. Is that the way you feel sometimes with your busy life and hectic schedule? As a parent, you’re being pulled to and froe. You have work and family obligations, and they are equally demanding. That’s why your children’s dentist in Scripps Ranch wants you to seize the day. When your children are out of school for the holiday break, it’s the perfect time to schedule them for one of their twice a year cleanings and examinations. Learn more about how to juggle your busy life without compromising the oral health of your family.

How to Create the Right Habits

Recent studies from the Center for Disease Control reveal that 18.6% of children ages 5 to 19 have untreated dental caries (tooth decay). And 31.6% of adults aged 20 to 44 have tooth decay. These data are very telling for several reasons:

  • A Need for Education – These statistics show an obvious need for improvement, which greatly hinges on education. Some people just aren’t aware of how to improve their oral health and what habits may be contributing to its demise.
  • Reveals a Trend – There is a trend that these statistics show as well. The number of people with untreated tooth decay increases by 13% from the children’s group to the adults. This reflects how poor habits developed in childhood can result in equally detrimental practices in adulthood.
  • The Need for Better Programming – To reverse these trends, healthy practices must not only be taught, but programmed into your children’s minds through active participation in a proper oral regimen, which includes visiting the dentist. If your children are accustomed to following such a process, it will more than likely become second nature in their adult lives.

How to Maximize Your Time for Oral Health

One way to maximize your time is to schedule your children for examinations and cleanings during their holiday break. This works great because they don’t have to miss any school, and it falls in line with their summer break, which is six months away. At this time, they can come in for their second visit of the year.

Why are Six-Month Appointments So Important?

The six-month visit is the cornerstone of preventative dentistry. It allows you and your dentist in Scripps Ranch to monitor the progress of your children’s oral care and address any problems that may be attempting to arise.

The great thing is that you have a chance to get your children off to a great start, building a foundation of oral care for them to stand on well into their adulthood.

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With 25 years of dental expertise, Dr. Greg Friedman stays on the cutting edge, offering the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology and procedures, and attending dental continuing education to stay on top of the changing world of dentistry. Earning his undergraduate degree from San Diego State University, Dr. Friedman went on to attend Washington University’s School of Dental Medicine. He practices at Mod Squad Dental and can be reached for more information about his services through his website.

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