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Will Getting New Dentures Help Your TMJ Disorder?

Do you frequently get headaches or experience a constant pain in your jaw? It could mean you have a TMJ disorder – in other words, there’s a problem with the joint that connects your lower jaw to your head. Unfortunately, if you wear dentures, there’s a chance they could be related to the pain – but the good news is that new dentures could also help treat a TMJ disorder as well!

How Do You Know If You Have a TMJ Disorder?

Since TMJ disorder is a condition and not a disease, there are many different symptoms that you might experience, including:

  • Earaches or pain around your ears
  • Tender jaw muscles
  • A clicking or popping noise in your jaw
  • Locked jaw
  • Jaw pain, especially when you yawn or chew
  • Headaches

You might not experience all these symptoms, but any existing issues will likely get worse over time unless you see your dentist for treatment.

Are Dentures Linked to TMJ Disorders?

Dentures that have been poorly fitted might contribute to a TMJ disorder. Missing teeth can affect the alignment of your bite, eventually causing the jaw joint to become sore and fatigued. If your dentures haven’t been designed correctly, they won’t be able to maintain your bite, meaning you’ll be at an increased risk of developing a TMJ disorder.

Of course, you might notice a problem with your dentures right away. However, if they move in your mouth, make it difficult to eat and speak, cause painful or bleeding gums, or make a clicking sound when you chew, call your dentist right away. You’ll need to get your false teeth replaced as soon as possible so that the issues they cause don’t get any worse.

Can Dentures Help Treat TMJ Disorders?

If ill-fitting dentures are the cause for your TMJ disorder, then new ones might be the solution you need. Once your bite is properly aligned again, there will be less stress on your jaw joint; you should be able to talk and bite more easily and without pain.

Unfortunately, even if your dentures fit perfectly, they could become ill-fitting again in the future due to changes in your jawbone, which tends to break down when teeth are missing. If you want the best-fitting, most comfortable dentures, ask your dentist about supporting them with dental implants. These titanium posts stimulate the jawbone and stop it from deteriorating. That will help ensure that your new teeth continue to do a lot more good than harm in your mouth!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of potential causes for a TMJ disorder, and your dentures might not even be the problem. Your Scripps Ranch dentist will need to check your mouth and diagnose your symptoms to figure out the real root of the condition. Just remember to make the appointment as soon as possible; there’s no reason you should have to live with constant jaw pain, especially if it can be fixed with a new smile!

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