Before and After Dental Treatment

Sneak Preview of Our Featured Smile of the Week 07/06/2012


This patient was so afraid of going to the dentist and stayed away as long as possible. She has been engaged for some time now and dreamed of taking her wedding portraits with a smile that represented her excitement inside. As a wedding gift she has started her journey to a smile she can share with the world. We have seen this patient for her first of three appointments to complete her treatment. Doc Friedman was able to do several hours of her dental work as the patient decided on conscious sedation for her appointment. Because of the sedation process, Doc was able to spend several hours with the patient allowing her entire treatment to be completed in only 3 appointments. The picture attached is her before photo and the one to follow is her smile with her temporary veneer restorations. We will be seeing her again later this month. You are going to want to follow up on this amazing story as I know the end result will be one to smile about.

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