KKoshimizu before and after dental treatment

Smile Make-Over Imaging! Have You Ever Thought About What You Would Look Like With a Different Smile?

Looks like February is going to be a great month for SMILE MAKE-OVERS!!!!  Patients love Dr. Friedman’s complimentary smile make-over consultations.  At this visit digital photos are taken and within minutes the patient is able to see their face with a new, brighter, whiter, wider smile.  This gives the patients an idea of the many possibilities of a new smile for themselves.  As you can see from the photo below, changing a person’s smile only, changes the entire appearance of the face, mouth and lips.  This patient was so impressed with her digitally enhanced photos, she will have a new smile by Valentines Day.

If you are someone you know desires a new smile, give Jessica a call today for your complimentary smile make-over imaging.  858-682-2394

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