B.A. Before and after kor whitening

Scripps Ranch Dentist-MOD Squad Dental-Featured Smile of the Week

AMAZING before and after photos utilizing our Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System.  This patient has tried other whitening systems in the past but did not achieve the results she wished for.  After discussing her options for whitening her teeth with Dr. Friedman during her complimentary consultation, the patient decided to try our Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System.

Thousands of dentists around the world agree that Kor Whitening is by far the most reliable and effective whitening system ever developed.  In fact, the Kor Whitening System is so effective, it is the only recognized whitening system that whitens even tetracycline-stained teeth in a short time (previously thought to be impossible).

If you have questions about our Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System, or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, phone Jess today…858-682-2394.

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