Orthodontics for San Diego and Beyond

Patients often think of orthodontics as something only teens need. But in reality, many adults also need help creating a straighter smile. That’s why Mod Squad Dental offers orthodontic teeth straightening to children and adults. With the orthodontic options we offer, a wide variety of patients can end up with a straighter, more confident, and healthier smile than they previously had.

That doesn’t mean you have to confine your teeth tom metal brackets and wires, though. For adults, Invisalign is a very common and popular alternative to conventional braces. Using Invisalign, patients can move misaligned teeth into their ideal position discreetly, over a matter of months.

But even younger patients may be able to avoid wearing bracket-and-wire braces. For instance, a retainer can erase the need for extractions and shrink the normal treatment time by expanding the mouth as a child’s teeth are growing in.

Do you or someone else in your family need help with orthodonticsCall Mod Squad Dental today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Friedman. During a visit with us, we can assess your situation and make a treatment recommendation.

We serve patients from all around the San Diego area with excellent orthodontic care.

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