MOD Squad Elves Spreading Christmas Cheers

MOD Squad Dental Elves Spreading Christmas Cheer 2016

MOD Squad Dental Elves Spreading Christmas Cheer 2016

Honoring the Castro Family

December, 20th 5:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm

Every holiday season the MOD Squad team choose a family they wish to share holiday cheer with making that families holiday & Christmas just a little more special. The squad was so touched by helping the Castro family last year after the Mount Hope home fire, they decided to help the Castro family again this year. Three children were in the home during the fire. Two were rescued by our SD fire department but unfortunately, their 12 year old brother did not survive the fire.

The squad has deciding to once again collect gifts for the children as well & their single mom, Juanita, as well as put together a food basket all to be delivered to the family so they too can have a joyful Christmas to celebrate & be thankful for.

The squad will be collecting unwrapped gifts, & canned goods every day of business for the children, Luis Jr. (age 6), Esme (age 4), Vela (age 17) & mom, Juanita….and also hosting a WINE & CHEESE DROP OFF PARTY on December 20th at the practice from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm for anyone who is unable to drop off items during regular business hours.

The holidays are a time of being thankful, holding the ones you love a little tighter, & if able giving to those who may need a little extra help to celebrate…


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