KOR Deep Bleaching – The Number 1 Teeth Whitening Procedure Recommended by Dental Professionals…

Did you know that KOR Deep Bleaching is the only form of teeth whitening that will lighten/bleach out the grey color of tetracycline stains on natural teeth?

It’s easy to find teeth whitening kits that claim to remove discoloration, but most of the options available on store shelves are unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful. Mod Squad Dental has found the best teeth whitening treatment in California for our patients is almost always KoR Whitening!

The KoR Whitening system offers a unique and innovative solution that stands apart from the rest. This continuously refrigerated, high-potency gel is combined with a scientifically designed application system to deliver incredible results.

After all, you only get one smile!

Check out a couple of our Deep Bleaching cases above. If you are interested in learning more about KOR Deep Bleaching or other cosmetic procedures offered at Mod Squad Dental, call Jess today to reserve your complimentary consultation. 858-547-0070

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