S. Robinson Before and After dental treatment

Featured Smile of the Week

So super excited for this patient. She visited Dr. Greg Friedman‘s office interested in porcelain veneers for a wider, brighter smile. After visiting with Dr. Friedman & Jess during her complimentary consultation and discussing the patients desires for her smile, they decided to place 10 upper porcelain veneers and lower braces. The patient zoomed her lower teeth with Zoom 2 in-office whitening system and the next day prepped her upper 10 teeth and placed her lower braces. The before picture on the left is before any dental treatment. The right after photo is upper 10 temporary veneers and lower braces. We will see the patient in about 2 weeks for her final porcelain veneers. WOW!! If this is her temporaries…….I can not wait to see her final veneers. Check back for the final portraits!!!!

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