Teeth Bleaching Patient

Featured Smile of the Week

This patient visited Dr. Friedman’s office  because she and her family wanted a new dentist.  After sitting with her for initial new patient consultation, the patient shared with us that she did not like her front two teeth and the crowns she had done the previous year.  She thought they were too “yellow” and did not “match” the rest of her teeth.  I suggested she should bleach her teeth with our in-office whitening system “Zoom” if she wanted a lighter more natural smile.  She agreed and stated she did want to be lighter but this option was never mentioned to her before.  After discussing in detail the patient’s goal for her smile, both the patient and I put together a treatment plan  that was completed in 2 visits resulting in the patient having a whiter, more natural smile.  

If you are thinking about having  a smile make-over and have questions, call Jessica today for your complimentary consultation.

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