Alexa before and after treatment

Featured Smile of the Week 12/13/2012

Alexa had an accident at school one Saturday evening.  She fell running to her car in the rain on rough asphalt.  Dr. Friedman met her at the office on Sunday and let her know everything was going to be fixed and look beautiful.  Alexa still had some asphalt stuck on her teeth and in her lips.  The patient not only feared for her smile but was also worried about a large skin tag that was formed from  the impact on her upper lip.  Alexa broke 3 teeth in her accident.  She needed 2 root canals on her front teeth as she broke off more than half of these teeth.  Dr. Friedman removed the skin tag and prepped the patient for 2 full porcelain crowns and placed a white filling on the neighboring broken tooth.  Alexa was thrilled with the results as you can see from her HUGE final photo smile.

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