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Dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA offers The Wand

You’re enjoying a well-earned breakfast with your family at Nutmeg Bakery and Café and you can’t wait to dig into their famous brioche French toast you come back for time and time again. You take that first bite – expecting everything to be delicious – but instead of enjoying the great taste, you see stars from a sore tooth. You finally admit it – this tooth has been hurting for way too long. But, just the thought of having any dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA use a syringe to numb your sore tooth before they actually fix the problem makes you break out in a cold sweat. What can you do? You can see Dr. Friedman at Mod Squad Dental since their team uses The Wand, a new technology that makes painful syringes a thing of the past.

The Wand is a revolutionary new dental injection system that makes syringes obsolete. It doesn’t look like a syringe, it doesn’t hurt like a syringe, and it’s way more innovative than what you’d expect the tooth fairy to use.

The Wand is a painless, digital delivery system that uses a microprocessor to numb the sore area. The Wand uses “smart” technology to compensate for the different tissues in the gums and delivers the numbing anesthetic to the area slower than humanly possible. It creates a “pathway of anesthesia” so you hardly feel the needle at all! What’s also unique about The Wand is that the computerized technology reduces “collateral numbness,” which is what dentists call the numbing that happens to the surrounding areas from injections. Rather than having your tongue, lips, and face become numb from a standard syringe, The Wand makes sure the anesthesia only treats the right area – so you can head back to work without fear of dribbling in front of your boss. While The Wand may sound like something out of Star Wars, it’s really just a way that Dr. Friedman stays ahead of the times as a sedation dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA.

Does The Wand Really Work?

Maybe all the science behind The Wand hasn’t calmed your fears. Maybe you’re still wondering if it actually works? After all, a needle is still involved, isn’t it? Dr. Friedman gets this question all the time. He wholeheartedly recommends The Wand and knows his patients receive much more comfortable treatment and have reduced anxiety with this treatment method. Patients at Mod Squad Dental love The Wand! And, if reassurance from a dentist with over 25 years of dental knowledge isn’t enough, check out this news story and patient testimonial to hear about how well it works from a regular Joe.

So, now that you’re convinced that there’s finally a way around painful injections to treat your teeth, schedule your appointment with Dr. Friedman at Mod Squad Dental today! After all, you’ve got more French toast at Nutmeg to enjoy…

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