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Dental Fear? Your Sedation Dentist in Scripps Ranch Can Help

You’re not alone if you experience dental anxiety. Fear of needles, previous traumatic experiences, or discomfort letting go of control can lead patients of all ages to avoid seeking the dental care they need. If you’ve ever avoided the dentist due to your anxiety, you should know about sedation dentistry. Dr. Friedman is your sedation dentist in Scripps Ranch providing oral conscious sedation and computer controlled anesthetic, also known as The Wand.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a perfectly safe, effective method for helping even the most nervous patients relax through their dental care. In addition to helping calm fears and ease anxiety, sedation dentistry can reduce the number of appointments needed to perform longer procedures, and help patients with mobility issues or disabilities feel comfortable in the dental chair.

When Can Sedation Dentistry Be Used?

Forms of sedation dentistry can be used for every dental procedure. Some people experience anxiety even thinking about visiting the dentist — and that’s precisely why sedation dentistry is so valuable. At MOD Squad Dental, we are happy to provide sedation for anyone who thinks they could benefit from being a bit more relaxed during their next dental appointment, no matter the treatment.

What Types of Sedation Do You Offer?

Your dentist in Scripps Ranch offers oral conscious sedation and computer-controlled local anesthetic (The Wand).

Oral conscious sedation works using a commonly-prescribed medication for reducing anxiety. You’ll take this pill about 45 minutes before your procedure is scheduled, relaxing in one of our comfortable rooms while its effects take over. When you’re ready, you’ll settle into the dental chair, where we’ll apply a local anesthetic using The Wand (see next paragraph) to help you glide through your appointment. You’re still conscious under this form of sedation, but you remain completely relaxed throughout your procedure — we promise.

The Wand is a favorite of MOD Squad patients. Many people are uncomfortable with injections due to a fear of needles, but The Wand uses a revolutionary technique to remove the discomfort associated with receiving local anesthesia. Did you know that the “sting” from needles comes not from the prick, but from the pressure and volume of what’s being administered into the tissues? The Wand takes these factors into consideration, optimizing flow for the best, most comfortable anesthesia possible.

Relaxing Atmosphere, Comfortable Care

Dr. Friedman and the team at MOD Squad Dental know how debilitating dental fear can be, and that’s why we take every measure possible to help make your dental experience as positive as possible. In addition to the sedation options we’ve detailed in this post, our office is equipped with massaging chairs, warm neck pillows, and Bose noise cancellation headsets. Dr. Friedman also takes the time to get to know each and every patient, so you feel real trust in your dentist from the start.

Visit the Sedation Dentist in 92131

Dr. Friedman and the MOD Squad Dental team can help you overcome your dental fear or anxiety — because it’s time for you to receive the dental care you need to maintain a healthy smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment and benefit from sedation dentistry! Request your appointment online today.

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