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Can Someone with Diabetes Get Dental Implants?

Did you know that more than 30 million Americans have diabetes? Perhaps you or a loved one is part of this number. Unfortunately, this disease can impact every organ in the body, including your heart, eyes, nerves, kidneys, as well as your gums and teeth. But does having diabetes automatically exclude you from replacing your missing teeth with dental implants? Not necessarily! Are implants safe for diabetics? The answer to this question is complex, so keep reading to learn in what situations a diabetic person may still be able to benefit from this treatment.

Potential Implant Complications for Those with Diabetes

One of the primary requirements for getting dental implants is that you be in good overall health. People who do not have their diabetes under control are much more prone to inflammation and infection. This not only increases the odds of gum disease and complications like peri-implantitis, but it also can interfere with the jawbone’s ability to produce new growth and surround the implant in the first place. As a result, the chances of implant failure drastically go up for these patients.

Steps to Ensure Implant Success for Diabetics

If you are diabetic and missing teeth, there is good news! Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not qualified to receive implants. It simply involves a more concerted effort to stay healthy through the following steps.

Properly Manage Your Diabetes

Even though people with poorly controlled diabetes have an increased risk of implant failure, those who keep their diabetes in check tend to see the same level of predictability and success as healthy patients. Controlling this disease can be challenging but it’s worth it! Eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and taking medications appropriately can help you enjoy your dental implants, just like anyone else.

Get Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Unfortunately, plaque can slowly build up on your implants, despite your best efforts at home. That is why you need to see a dentist for a professional cleaning and checkup at least every six months. This visit gives them the opportunity to clear away any areas that could turn into an infection or eventual implant failure, making your new teeth last as long as possible.

Be Diligent in Your Oral Hygiene

They may be simple, but the daily tasks of brushing and flossing your teeth are still vital if you want to keep your replacement teeth for the long haul. Establishing an effective routine every morning and evening doesn’t have to be time consuming, but you do need to dedicate some time around your oral hygiene so that harmful bacteria don’t sabotage your implants.

Diabetes doesn’t have to stand in between you and a strong, restored smile. By being proactive and smart, you can overcome this disease and live a healthier, happier life with dental implants.

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