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4 Ways to Maintain Oral Health in San Diego This Holiday

Are you juggling multiple holiday parties this winter season? With so many reasons to celebrate, it can be easy to let the most important aspects of your health go to the wayside. But just because you plan on attending holiday parties doesn’t mean your oral health has to be sacrificed. By making small and smart decisions here and there, you can prevent excessive plaque development and maintain oral health in San Diego. You can also prevent stains on your smile, which may be especially important to you if you plan on being in a lot of photos.

Here are four ways to get started.

Opt for Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar is a significant accelerant for plaque development, so your first step should be to heavily moderate your intake of sweets while at the party. However, if you notice sugar-free desserts and do decide to indulge, make sure you eat them exclusively. Better yet, ask the host if it’s okay to bring your own sugar-free desserts that you can munch on. If you intend on making your own sugar-free treats, make sure to ask the host if anyone who plans on attending has any allergies. Many people can’t tell the difference between sugar-free and sugar-filled desserts, so this is the best way to indulge during the holiday.

Take Advantage of the Snack Tray

Chances are high that the holiday party you’re attending is serving wine and cheese. Before you pour yourself a glass, whether it be red or white wine, have a couple bites of cheese beforehand. Certain dairy products, especially hard cheeses, leave a slightly waxy coating on the surface of teeth. This works to protect your enamel from acidic and often richly-pigmentated beverages like wine.

Additionally, carrots, celery, cucumbers and other raw veggies are great for keeping saliva production high and loosening food debris stuck in between teeth.

Drink More Water

Many people don’t realize how effective rinsing your mouth out with water can be for your oral health. Plain water washes away sugar, sparks saliva production, and loosens food stuck behind gums and in between teeth. It also helps remove stains from the surface of teeth, which is likely going to be an issue if you’re drinking wine or eating other richly-pigmentated foods or beverages. Furthermore, drinking water is a healthy habit to keep while drinking alcoholic beverages, especially acidic beverages like wine which can damage enamel.

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment

Of course, visiting a dentist in San Diego once every six months is an essential part of maintaining optimal oral health. Since the holiday season is a common time people take time off work for, it’s worth it to schedule your next appointment before the year ends. You can set yourself up for a good start come the new year, ask about cosmetic treatments to make your smile picture-perfect, and confirm that no cavities or gum disease is present.

Preparing for holiday parties is easy when you know the right steps. Confirm your oral health status by scheduling an appointment today!

About the Author

Dr. Greg Friedman always makes sure that his patients have the best information to protect their smile and oral health in between visits. With the right oral care habits, you can prevent dental disease and leave his office with a clean bill of health! To learn more about his practice or schedule an appointment, you can contact him through his website.

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