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Why Temporary Veneers are Too Good to Pass Up

At some point, everyone has dreamed of walking the red carpet in a beautiful designer outfit made just for them. The feeling of being doted on and tailored to is a magical one. Most of us don’t ever get to live that dream. For us, the closest we can get is probably getting veneers.

The process of being fitted for veneers is an intricate one, and sometimes it’s hard to gauge what’s needed without seeing them on the person they’re intended for. That’s where temporary veneers come in. Here are a few ways they benefit you.

Once They’re On, They’re On

Getting veneers means investing your time and money. What makes that worth it is not only that they look incredible, but also that they last for a very long time (up to 20 years, if well maintained). Temporaries are your last opportunity to communicate any preference you have before the final product is complete. Like an expensive dress, you’ll want to try it before you buy it.

Your temporary veneers also let you ask for opinions from the people in your life. They will be looking at your new teeth far more than you will, so it’s better to find out what they think while you can still make minor changes.

What’s the Alternative?

To place your veneers, your dentist will need to shave off a thin layer of your teeth. That sounds scarier than it is, but for a few weeks, there may be some minor irritation. For example, you might become more sensitive to heat and cold, or you could have some tenderness when you chew. Temporary veneers protect your teeth, easing any discomfort you may have in these few weeks.

How to Care for Your Temporary Veneers

Since temporary veneers are designed to only last for a few weeks, it’s of the utmost importance that you care for them properly. You can think of it as practice for when your permanents come in. Care starts with steering clear of hard, sticky, and crunchy foods, like peanut brittle. You should also avoid unhealthy dental habits, including smoking or drinking alcohol in excess, which can increase the chances of your temporary veneers discoloring. Lastly, brush and floss your teeth to prevent decay from developing. It should be noted, however, that many temporary veneers do not have gaps between the teeth. You won’t need to worry about flossing the teeth that are being covered.

The fitting process is about getting exactly what you want, fine-tuning everything until it’s perfect. Let your dentist dote on you a little, so that when you premiere your new smile you can feel like a movie star.

About Our Practice

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