Whew! That Was Close...

Whew! That Was Close…

Featured Smile of the Day ~ Courtesy of Dr. Friedman

This was a patient of Dr. Friedmans that recently moved to Colorado. She phoned in a panic & felt she made a mistake by using a different dentist. She stated she had her upper 4 teeth prepped for porcelain veneers. Unfortunately, she was not happy with how her temporary veneers looked or felt & they kept breaking off. When she mentioned this to the dentist, he informed her that her finals would be much better. Not comfortable with his response, she gave Jess at our office a call with her concerns.

Jess coordinated a FaceTime call with the patient. Jess discussed a plan of action for the patient including the total fee and options of scheduling. Jess coordinated with our ceramist for a quick turn around. The patient was seen the next week and left extremely happy with her results!

If you ever thought of cosmetic dentistry for yourself, give Jess a call to reserve a complimentary consultation. 858-547-0070

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