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Scripps Ranch Dentist-MOD Squad Dental-Time for a Cleaning?

The best way to keep your smile up right is to make sure and have regular cleanings with your hygienist at MOD Squad Dental.

Gum (periodontal) disease is a bacterial infection caused by plaque – the sticky, colorless, bacteria-filled film that adheres to your teeth. As plaque builds up on teeth, it hardens and becomes tartar, which can be difficult to remove. The bacteria in plaque produce toxins that irritate the gums and cause inflammation and gingivitis. If bacteria are not removed by your hygienist and the inflammation continues, the gum tissues can be destroyed and more advanced stages of gum disease may follow.

If you are due for your routine cleaning, phone Jess today to schedule your cleaning with Wanda, Kaylyn, or Michelle.  858-682-2394

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