Elizabeth before and after dental treatment

Porcelain Veneers-Scripps Ranch Dentist-Featured Smile of the Week

This patient just turned 60 and was unhappy with her existing smile.  She had upper 6 crowns done 20 years prior.  With the significant upgrade of cosmetic dental materials & procedures, she wished to learn her options for a brighter, wider smile also closing the black spaces that developed between her teeth over the years.

After her complimentary consultation with Dr. Friedman & Jessica, she scheduled for her smile make-over consisting of new upper 8 porcelain veneers & Zoom whitening for her lower teeth.   Adding 2 additional porcelain restorations to her smile widened her smile and gave the patient a more natural appearance.

Lets just say this patient was so happy with her new smile….. Lunch was on her 


If you are someone you know is interested in cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Friedman, phone Jessica today for your complimentary consultation and smile make-over digital imaging. 858-682-2394

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