About KöR Whitening and Zoom

Difference Between KöR Whitening and Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Paper or plastic? Chocolate or vanilla? Life is better when you have a variety of options, and that’s why Dr. Friedman offers two types of in-office teeth whitening in Scripps Ranch. Both produce excellent results, more efficiently than is possible with at-home whitening methods. Learn more about KöR Whitening and Zoom! Whitening today!

KöR Whitening: Oxygenated for Optimal Results

With KöR Whitening, your tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen is renewed. How does that help with the bleaching process? By making it easier for the whitening gel to penetrate the tooth enamel and break down stains caused by foods and beverages, poor dental hygiene, smoking, or medication.

The KöR Whitening system is a popular option with patients who have experienced sensitivity with other teeth whitening methods, or who frequently experience sensitivity to hot and cold. The KöR bleaching solution is specially formulated to fight against sensitivity, for a more comfortable experience overall.

To help you maintain the bright results you achieve after in-office whitening, KöR Whitening also comes with an easy-to-use touch-up kit for periodic maintenance.

Zoom! Whitening: Laser Whitening Produces Fast Results

In less than one hour, patients can reveal brighter, rejuvenated smiles with the Zoom! Whitening system. Nothing whitens teeth faster than this option!

Zoom! Whitening uses the power of a super-concentrated light (the laser) and a special peroxide gel to whiten teeth. Activated by the laser in three, 15-minute intervals, the bleaching solution brightens smiles up to eight shades, on average. With three settings on the laser — low, medium, and high — your dentist can take into account your likelihood for sensitivity, adjusting the laser’s intensity as necessary.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Scripps Ranch also comes with a touch-up kit for regular at-home maintenance, so you can enjoy your white results for years after your initial whitening treatment.

Why Choose Professional Whitening?

We know there are a number of options available in teeth whitening these days — and many of them are easily found on the shelf at the pharmacy. Aren’t these one-size-fits-all whitening treatments just as good as professional solutions? In one word, no.

You should always trust the professionals when it comes to whitening your teeth. Only your dentist can offer the most powerful bleaching solution, for real results. We can also take into account your risk for tooth sensitivity, and make appropriate recommendations. And since when were teeth one-size-fits-all? We know your smile is unique, and we’ll perform whitening that’s suited just for you.

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No matter which whitening formula is best for you, the team at MOD Squad Dental knows you’ll love your results. Why don’t you get started with professional teeth whitening near Mira Mesa? Request your appointment online today!

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