Dental Smile Imaging

Dr. Greg Friedman-Smile Imaging Software Showing Patients Possible Smiles

This patient visited Dr. Friedman asking for a new smile.  She had a root canal when she was younger on 1 of her front 2 teeth.  Afterward, the dentist placed “bonding” or composite filling material on the tooth.  The patient at the time was not finish growing and bonding was the temporary choice to restore her tooth after the root canal.  Now that the patient is older, and her facial features are mature, Dr. Friedman spoke to her about a more permanent procedure by placing 2 porcelain restorations on her front 2 teeth.  Dr. Friedman suggested to the patient that she bleach her teeth with our in-office whitening process, Zoom 2, to give her the optimal color choice as her porcelain restorations will never change color and/or shape.  The patient also mentioned she did not like her “gummy smile”.  Dr. Friedman and the patient decided they would do a procedure to expose more of her natural tooth and remove the excess gum tissue on her upper 8 teeth utilizing the laser for fast and predictable healing.  Dr. Friedman imaged the patients before photo and gave her some ideas of her many possibilities of changing her smile.

Visit us again to see her final result and changed smile.  I simply can not wait!!

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